BeipMU BeipMU!

BeipMU is a MU* client that provides an assortment of features beyond simple telnet.

Started in 1998, BeipMU grew thanks to user suggestions, so if something is missing or could be improved please let us know!



Online wiki
Frequently Asked Questions
  • How do I select items in the history?
    • Use Ctrl+Up/Down. You can change it in Options->Keyboard Shortcuts
  • When I select text, the selection doesn't stick! How can I copy it?
    • Selected text is auto copied to the clipboard, then the selection cleared.

System Requirements

Microsoft Store - Windows 10
Standalone Exe - Windows 7+, or WINE on GNU/Linux and macOS
BeipMU reptile holding a large stack of paper

Contacting Us

For news/questions/comments/feature suggestions please come to our subreddit:
Or come to our yahoo group:
Or if you prefer email, use the address in the screenshot in the bottom right

Some of our fancier features:

BeipMU reptile reading while lounging with a drink


Screenshot of BeipMU after it starts up, featuring the dev's email address


JavaScript, Lua, Perl, Python, VB, etc!
The online documentation is in our reddit wiki under scripting.
The scripting engine is currently very unterutilized, it's possible to implement multiple custom windows with text or even graphics, and to control almost every aspect of a connection. Want to check all incoming text through a regular expression, have a trigger run a script, or even write a chat server? Good news! If you're interested in helping us get a good real world example of any of these (or anything else you can imagine) just post to our reddit group, or email us directly and we'll help you do it.

Older Release archive:

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